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Transsexual Man 10+ Years
LGBTQ+ Community Building & Allyship
Future of Work & Freelancers Advocate
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Mental Health In the Metaverse

My Mission to Impact

To recognize and celebrate your accomplishments along the way.

To promote happiness and make a positive difference.

To encourage people to start their own businesses.

To see ethical policies put in place for AI, MetaVerse, and other technologies.

To debate and help shape the Gig Economy and the Future of Work.

To teach others about inclusive and impactful branding.



"They Don't create medication for innovation."

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About James

James Jensen-Grace is a branding expert who began as a freelancer in the online and digital media marketing world over ten years ago. James has several years of experience working with organizations of various sizes. He’s worked with startups, non-profits, and larger organizations. As well is also part of many advisory boards as an online marketing expert. 

He is very passionate about the gig economy and entrepreneurship, focusing also on freelance advocacy as the future of work continues to reshape and reform.


As an avid and experienced individual in one of the original virtual realities, he has many years of lived experience with the impact the Metaverse has and will have. As we continue to develop AI (artificial intellegance), James is passionate about utilizing these tools to futher benefit individuals and organizations with a positive impact while saving time, money, and headaches when trying to build a business (and more!) 


As a transgender man, James has discovered that, after more than 12 years of going through his transition he found that speaking about his journey has been impactful amongst healthcare providers, working professionals, etc.
Being from rural America, he has been able to talk about how rural life affected him before transition, during transition, and after he started ‘blending’ in with society.

 James continues to develop personally in his work-life balance,, but he still has a goal-oriented and solutions-based approach to how we may best balance our lives individually and collectively.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Having been in the trenches of the freelancer world on both sides, being hired and hiring, I’ve seen a wide range of quality, quantity, and inequality. I discuss my experience with multiple platforms, offering services, starting out as a freelancer, and other topics.

Trans-Owned is similar in context as woman-owned, black-owned, veteran-owned, etc.

As a Trans Owned business and ambassador of, I’m proud and honored to be a part of the Trans Owned community, to be able to connect and lead with an impact in business with the trans-community has truly been remarkable. 

Pride 365 Certified™ Partners are individuals and organizations of all sizes that promise to make a difference and then follow through, not only during Pride month but all 365 days of the year.

As a Pride 365 Champion, I pledge to continue assisting in the dissemination of our communities’ messages and missions in order to increase impact and visibility. We also pledge to prioritize community, policies, and people over profits.

Let’s us do away with pinkwashing, rainbow washing, and any other kind of washing…

Aka, let’s erase pinkwashing, rainbow washing, and any other washing…

Future of Work & Freelancers

  • Freelancer Experiences on Platforms like Fivver, Upwork, Etc. – The good, the bad, the ugly.
  • Hiring Freelancers & Outsourcing Work
  • Hiring Virtual Assistants
  • Working from home – Call Centers, KPI’s, Experiencing Burnout, and being aware of the changes needed for employees to be happier and more efficient 
  • Discuss current and future models that are being used to hire and place workers.

Branding, Marketing, and Online Media 

  • Navigating PR Strategies 
  • Podcasting, Articles, Features, and more.
  • Social Media Content that is impactful and geared towards a brands message and goals.
  • Developing your personal brand and finding your messaging
  • Pride in your branding
  • Finding your ideal customer 
  • Finding your brands voice, personality, values, mission, and more.
  • Online Influencers and taking the right brand deals. 

My male experience as a man – A transsexual Man

  • Navigating Healthcare
  • The Trans Experience before it was accepted
  • Creating comfortable and inclusive spaces – starting with the waiting room.
  • Privilage: How my privilage has changes as I’ve become a man.
  • What makes the best advocates – it isn’t always the front line you should be on.
  • Q&A’s & Panels for Trans Folks

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